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The Himalayan Cat Breed

This attractive man-made breed started as a deliberate attempt to establish a Siamese-patterned, blue eyed cat with Persian coat and body type. In 1924, two breeders, one in England and the other in America started working independently to make this dream cat a reality. The Siamese pattern was easy to achieve but the stocky Persian body type proved more difficult. Thirty years after official recognition of the Himalayan breed, back-crosses to Persians were allowed resulting in the lovely Himalayans we see today.

the Himalayan is instantly recognizable, with round, wide-set, BLUE eyes gazing out from a sweet expressive face. It has a wide head, tiny ears, and short nose. The distinctive coat pattern, and cobby body covered in a long flowing coat, complete the picture.

The Himalayan is now recognized in seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac points as well as flame (red), cream, tortie and blue cream points (including the chocolate & lilac versions) and all colors of tabby (lynx) points. Body color ranges from almost white to pale cream with darker points on the mask, ears, legs & tail.

These cats do require regular bathing and almost daily grooming to keep the long silky coat from developing tangles or mats.

The Himalayan in general is an outgoing, fun loving, affectionate cat who adapts readily to most environments. their sweet, chirpy voice make them excellent apartment cats.


Himalayan Cat
Himalayan Cat





Source: Canadian Cat Association

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