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Cymric Cat Breed
Cymric Cat Breed


The Cymric Cat Breed

The origin of this longhaired, tailless relative of the Manx is uncertain; it could be from the Isle of Man or possibly Wales.

Longhair kittens began to appear in Manx litters born right here in Canada in the 1960’s. Supporters chose the name Cymric, (pronounced kumric) from the word Cymru, the Welsh name for Wales. Promotion for this breed’s recognition in North American associations was slow until in the late 1970’s when championship status for this lovely longhair was granted by the Canadian Cat Association.

The standard is similar to that of the Manx – a tailless breed with a full chested short body, round head with prominent cheek bones, a strong chin with a squarish muzzle.

The doubled coat is soft silky and dense. It is of medium length covering the main body and gradually lengthens from shoulders to rump. The hair on the breeches, abdomen and neck are longer. The ears should be tufted. Their coat does need periodic grooming (daily grooming is preferable) because of the length.

The Cymric, like Manx are a natural breed, therefore, almost any color with the exception of pointed is accepted.

Cymrics are said to be almost dog-like in their personality; learning tricks, retrieving balls and are at home with everyone in the family.


Cymric Cat
Cymric Cat






Source: Canadian Cat Association

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