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Chantilly Cat Breed
Chantilly Cat Breed


The Chantilly Cat Breed

The Chantilly is a medium size cat originally called “Foreign Longhair”. The coat is semi-long, full and with a plumed tail. Its long ear tufts are one of the most striking features. Average weight is 8-12 lbs., with males being larger than females. Both sexes are equally affectionate. They are well suited to a variety of homes and do well with children

The original color was Chocolate but now the palette has expanded to black, blue, lilac, cinnamon, or fawn as well. All colors are available in Solid or Tabby patterns. The eyes are any shade of gold. Coat and color do not fully develop until 1-2 yrs. of age and white spotting is not permissible.

The breed is friendly, loyal, and affectionate, though occasionally reserved with strangers and neither placid nor overly active. Moderate best describes the Chantilly personality as well as its conformation. The Chantilly is a sensitive, owner bonding companion, gentle, and easy to take care of. They have a Dog-like personality, many fetch. Their talk is very soft, and has a unique “chirping” meow.

The breed was originally registered during the 1970s in ACA as Foreign Longhair, though the name was changed to Tiffany. Later on, a different breed called “Tiffanie” was being shown in Britain. The name “Chantilly” was adopted instead. It is still a rare breed.

Currently holds the New Breed Status in CCA.




Chantilly Cat
Chantilly Cat




Source: Canadian Cat Association

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