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Himalayan Cat
Himalayan Cat

Want Luscious Locks? Better Follow Himalayan Cat Care

So OK… Luscious locks for your fluffy feline friend, who happens to be a gorgeous Himalayan, otherwise known as a Persian Siamese. It is not the diet that changes for these lovely cats, no indeed. Unlike a Siamese, Himalayan cat care is nine-tenths intensive daily grooming related to the Persian traits that the breed has.

Himalayan cat care revolves around caring for the cat’s coat making sure it is well groomed and that the cat is not overheated by it. These gentle tempered animals adapt well to daily brushing and require some facial grooming also. Like a Siamese, these cats can be playful and active, more so than the average Persian cat. Because this is an active long-haired cat, you must get into the habit of brushing daily with a soft brush. This will help reduce knots, tangles, and loose hair. Pay attention to the armpits, behind the ears, the belly, and below the tail as these areas get more tangled then other places. Additionally to brushing, your cat will need to be bathed every other week with a mild shampoo to prevent matting.

The best method for this is placing your pet on a bathmat, brush carefully first with a wide-toothed comb, using fingernail scissors to remove mats and knots as you find them. Once you have the knots out switch to a fine toothed comb or brush to remove as much loose fur as possible. Don’t forget to give your beautiful friend a treat after.

Although a lean and muscled cat breed, Himalayan cat care really is very attuned to grooming needs. The long hair tends to form hairballs, and the cat will undoubtedly benefit from foods and additives to the diet to help reduce these from forming, in addition to plenty of clean water and a well kept litter box. The thick coat may cause issues in the hot summer months, and to prevent overheating one should keep their Himalayan indoors under air conditioning or have the cat treated to a “lion cut” that will reduce the length of the fur on the body for the summer.

These fine animals as you might expect for the breeds they come from, are very outgoing and adventurous. Your Himalayan cat care plan should include plenty of playtime, safely indoors. By keeping the cat inside, you can reduce your grooming tasks, eliminating the need to check for ticks, pull out bits of plant matter, trim tangles (which your cat will still have plenty of), and the like. The best alternative is a three-season porch, green room, sun-room, or simply plenty of cat safe plants inside for them to play in. One final thing to keep in mind with Himalayan cat care. You flat faced friend will need you to keep their nose and eyes cleaned up for them, which can be part of their daily grooming habits. They may need to have you clean their ears for them a couple times a month.

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